There are over 200 Roofing Contractors In The Detroit Area…


But Only 1 of them Has Dedicated Themselves To Responding To Your Emergencies Quickly, Offering Immediate Solutions To Your P roblems, P roviding Qualified & Guaranteed Work, While P roperly Communicating With You Throughout The Entire P rocess!


If you are planning – or just thinking about – fixing or replacing your roof,  getting restoration work done on your building, or if you would like to know who to call that can respond to your emergency situation within 5 hours… we would like to show you a way that you can have a roofing or building repair experience without the run-around, hassles, budget worries, and surprises that are much too common in our industry.


The Four Biggest P roblems You’ll Have With A Roofing or Restoration Company

And How Bright Overcomes Them All!


You no doubt have heard many roofing “horror stories.”  Maybe you’ve experienced one first hand.  We’ve identified the four biggest causes of these stories and the problems superintendents and managers encounter within our industry.  They boil down to this –

If a company fails to live up to its end of the bargain in any or all four areas, we can almost guarantee that you’ll have a miserable and frustrating experience.  But there is a way you can avoid this frustration.


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