Do You Have a Unique Situation on Your Property that You think Can't Be Fixed?

An Experienced, Knowledgeable Restoration Company Can Provide a Solution!


For Bright Roofing & Restoration, restoration is not just about restoring your building or pressure washing your sidewalk.  At Bright, we have done some unique restoration for property managers and facilities managers that range from repairing a cracked sidewalk to taking a chimney stack down in size.  Bright takes pride in creating unique solutions to any challenge a property manager or facilities manager may be faced with.  When we asked our restoration customers if they could describe Bright Restoration services in one word, 98% of them said DIVERSITY.  Diverse in what jobs we can do and the solutions that we provide. 


Bright has extensive knowledge and experience in the following areas of restoration:

  • Concrete Crack Repair—Bright injects Epoxy into any cracks that exist in your structure whether it be in the building or the parking structure.
  • Industrial Siding —Not vinyl residential materials put on houses.
  • P ainting— Bright has restored the ceilings of several commercial buildings to almost new status.  One of the biggest problems that occurs when painting the inside ceiling of your building is the mess created by the overspray.  Bright solves this problem by using a special paint called Dry Fall.  Dry Fall is a alkyed paint which means it dries quickly so it only sticks to materials it is supposed to.  Any overspray DRIES before it hits the ground so it is easily wiped away.  The result is no messy clean up.
  • Re-Caulking—Bright stocks over 30 different caulks from manufacturer’s like Tremco, Sika, Vulkem, and Emaco.  Why does Bright stock so many?  Each caulking job requires a different caulk depending on the materials being caulked. You would not use the same caulk on a marble facade as you do on window glass.
  • Graffiti Cleaning  Bright uses an environmentally safe material, instead of sand to blast away any unsightly stains on your building, like water stains, rust, and graffiti.
  • P ower Washing-- Adjustable water pressure that avoids unwanted scarring. 
  • Historic Restoration—Bright is registered with the Historical Society to renovate historical buildings
  • Exterior Façade Inspection—Bright will conduct a thorough inspection of the façade of your building to ensure the integrity of the structure.  This inspection even includes removing panels to inspection the structure behind the panels.


Here is a partial list of our satisfied customers:

  • Kirco Management
  • Farbman Management
  • Grubb and Ellis Management
  • Colliers International
  • Lowe's Home Improvement
  • Flagstar Bank
  • The Detroit News and Free Press
  • Uhaul


Call us or click here for a FREE Inspection.  There is no job too unique or challenging that we won’t look at.  So whether you need a sidewalk repaired, graffiti removed, or a smoke stack shortened, call Bright Roofing & Restoration.


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